Celebrating National Volunteers Week with Tauranga Repair Cafe

To celebrate National Volunteers Week 2024, Tinkd Makerspace invited current and new volunteer repairers to an information evening on the 17th of June to learn more about Tauranga Repair Café.

It was an opportunity for people who are passionate about helping others in the community, and keeping items out of landfills, to come together to share a slice of pizza, learn about the Repair Cafe, and hear stories about why our current volunteers enjoy returning month on month.

Our volunteers shared how coming along and fixing things brings them joy when they see the smile of the person whose beloved item has given a new lease on life. Others expressed how they enjoy the challenge of figuring out how things work, and the sense of community and collaboration that comes with being in a space where people want to help others.

Once a month these amazing volunteer repairers come together and give objects destined for the landfill a second chance by attempting a repair. Maybe it can be fixed, maybe it can’t. At least they try. They take a look, offer an opinion, and even repair things if they can.

It was a fantastic evening with many new volunteer repairers signing up and excited to get involved with the next Repair cafe on the 29th of June. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Tauranga Repair Café, please pop along to an event (every last Saturday of the month) or email the team for more details.