Repair Cafe House Rules Disclaimer


[Note: An ‘Owner’ – referred to below – is the person bringing the item for repair. Where this is not the person who legally owns the item, the Owner must have got the permission of the legal owner to bring the item for assessment and, where possible, repair] 

1. All repairs carried out at the Repair Café are performed free of charge on a voluntary basis by the repairers. 

2. Owners are encouraged to work with the repairers whenever practical to see how the repair is being done and to pick up new skills. 

3. Owners are expected to remain with the repairer while the repair is being carried out. Items should not be left with the repairer or the Repair Café for collection at a later time, except by special arrangement which shall be the responsibility of the Owner. 

4. Owners acknowledge and agree that neither the Repair Café nor the repairer are experts in repairs and that the repair service is provided on an informal, non-professional and “as is” basis. Neither the organisers of the Repair Café nor the repairers are liable for any loss or injury that may result from any repair carried out at the Café or for any advice or instructions given and used at a later date. 

5. The Owner is responsible for providing any additional consumables such as leads, plugs, fuses, zips, etc that may be needed to fully complete a repair. 

6. Repairers and the Repair Café offer no guarantee for any repairs carried out with or without their help and are not liable if any repaired items do not work properly at home or break down again in the future. 

7. After making an initial assessment of an item, repairers are fully entitled to use their discretion and refuse to repair an item should they decide to do so. 

8. Repairers are at liberty to refuse to repair and/or reassemble any appliances that are deemed to be hazardous, semi-hazardous or beyond repair. 

9. Owners are responsible for the removal of all items that cannot be repaired. 

10. Normally, a maximum of ONE item per person will be examined. Should time allow, extra items can be considered for repair. 

11. Parents must supervise any children under the care at all times while such children are on the Repair Café site.  Parents shall be liable for the behaviour of, and for the safety of, their children whilst on the Repair Café site. 

12. Repairers and Owners consent to photographs/video taken at the Repair Café being used for publicity purposes, however Owners may opt out of any photographic session by notifying the photographer in advance if they do NOT wish their photograph/video to be used in this way. 

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